The Influence of Immigration in America

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Running head: (THE INFLUENCE OF

(The influence of Immigration of America)
Bonnie McMullen
University of Phoenix

Thesis statement

America was built by all migrants because this land long before anyone came to this country the land belonged to the Indians. The reason for writing this paper is to learn more about immigrant’s history and immigration today. Why an immigrant can only come to the states with a student or work visa. I want to learn is immigration because the rules are immoral.

Research paper (The influence of Immigration in America)

In the year1776, America brought populations from every race from all around the globe. Humanity has gathered here covered by this country as tourists,
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Agriculture became a big thing for German farmers in 1870. Multitudes of farmers were living in the south. Farmers also were living in California. The German people made their way in the new world to become businessman, bakers, machinists and tailors.

Immigration for the Italians were between 1876 – 1976 The impression of the Italian people coming to America was not as big of a population compared to brazil and Argentina because by that time there were a lot more inhabitants coming from all different countries. By 1850, 4,000 immigration came to America only a few years after the migration the number of people went up to 44,000 and by 1900, 484,027. The jobs were scarce for the Italian people so they took low paying jobs like rag picking, sewer cleaning and shoe shining anything that a respectful person did not do they did for a living Children that needed to be in school were forced to work also so they were not getting a proper education. The Neapolitans, Sicilians and Calabria’s resided in places like New York, New Orleans, and Minnesota. The Italian people would mix and hang with Jews, Irish, Germans, and Poles. The Italians lived in housing that was crowded and filthy. Italians were scraping by to save money. Some people lost their house. Generations of Italians after the years of hard work brought up marketing scale but only getting hired as a blue collar worker compared to making them educated.

It was difficult for the
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