The Influence of Jerry Garcia on American History

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The Influence of Jerry Garcia on American History The vocalist and guitarist of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia was one of the most influential musicians of the twentieth century, impacting both the musical and cultural realms. Jerry Garcia was fated to become one of America’s most influential people ever since he was born into Jose Garcia’s household. During his childhood, Jerry Garcia lived in an environment that fueled his musical development and experienced many events that pushed him closer changing the path of American music and culture. Jerry Garcia was a member of the American 1960’s counterculture and really embodied the ideals and goals of the group as a whole. Thanks to the influence of his adolescent development and his…show more content…
Jerry was not only interested in musical arts but he also drew and painted often and enrolled in the San Francisco Art Institute to study and practice the visual arts. For his fifteenth birthday, Jerry Garcia received an electric guitar, his favorite instrument so far; by this time, Jerry was already playing the banjo and the piano. Soon after, Jerry joined his first band, the Chords, solidifying his destiny as a musician. Jerry Garcia’s most obvious influences deal with music and the modern pop music band’s role. He has changed the way music is produced, the way music relates to its listeners, and how the band interacts with its fans. Jerry Garcia was the renaissance man of the 1960’s singing, writing, and playing many instruments including the acoustic, bass, and electric guitars, the banjo, and the piano, which was a revolutionary idea for the time. He and the Grateful Dead worked to successfully enable the elimination of a record company in the music world. Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead all worked together- blending different musical genres- to create new styles of music that will continue into modern day. Jerry Garcia is largely responsible for the revolution in the identity of the music artist, for the increase in popularity of the live album, for the divergence of many musicians from record companies, and for the changes in bands’ touring style and interaction with their
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