The Influence of Mass Media on the Way Political Campaigns are Run

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The Influence of Mass Media on the Way Political Campaigns are Run On the Monday when the United States Supreme Court issued its ruling on whether the deadline for certifying votes could be extended in Florida, there was an unsettling sight on TV. News correspondents came flying out of the court and stood, out of breath, before the cameras. Without having read the six-page ruling, reporters began to talk to millions of people about what the court had done. Some reporters got it flat wrong, saying the high court's ruling was in favor of George W. Bush and a defeat for Al Gore. News wire services and several Web sites also incorrectly summarized the court's action. It was only later that the news media corrected itself by reporting that…show more content…
Since most of the media are either free or lowly paid like the news, PR and general programs, candidates feel they are not presented correctly. IN an effort to bring up their status among their voters or potential voters, they need impressive ads on television or extensive campaigns on radio airtime. Therefore in view of their situation mass media is the best option (Lawrence 213). In this context the need to evaluate the effects of media, its analysis of the psychological validity as well as financial implication it has on the overall election result is important. For this purpose the researcher has posit the following hypothesis for discussion. HYPOTHESIS STATEMENT The mass media (political cartoons, print, TV) influences the way political campaigns are run. Moreover, I believe the effect is more greatly felt in the earlier stages of campaigns, up to about 2-4 weeks before the election. DISCUSSION The following is a detailed investigation why mass media influence the way candidates run their political campaigns. Evolution of mass media in political campaigns The evolution of media as a way to inform voters has been age old. In the olden days when Abe Lincoln was fighting for his own camping it was the newspaper and the caricatures that attracted the voters most. His street speeches as well as personal relationship with his people of that time brought about public
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