The Influence of Media on Society

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These ideologies are so prevalent in recent society that they have swayed the minds of those who were not interested enough to take a side on an issue, and this has caused a large increase in the amount of people who still believe in unlikely conspiracies or hoaxes. This has caused a large uproar and scepticism of the government, and with more evidence proving the governments secrecy, and conspiracy theories coming true, the citizens of countries are getting more paranoid of their own country and others around the world. There is a lack of trust from citizens toward their government, and with mistakes made by the government, some would argue that these worries are justified. Zogby International, which is the reliable North American political polling agency used by Reuters, did a poll of 1200 Americans asking about the September 11th attacks. What they found is quite interesting, and indicative of the distrust toward the American government, and the official story given behind the cause and details of the tower attacks and subsequent collapse. 44% of those polled believed that George Bush exploited the attacks, and 42% believe the United States government and 9/11 Commission are covering something up, and lastly 45% believe the attacks should be re-investigated (Zolby). These numbers show that while there may not be a large quantity of individuals actively seeking out the conspiracy truth, or spreading the ideas around, but a massive quantity of the American population does

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