The Influence of Music

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Introduction to Music GEN1621
Major Writing Assignment
The Influence of Music

Almaty, 2011
"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." (Plato, 428-348 BC )
Music is inseparable part of our everyday life; we can face it in every corner of our town, on TV commercial, films, radio etc. Music can be understood everywhere, even if you cannot speak the language of other countries, but you move, dance, sing and enjoy the music while listening to it. We may not understand the words of a musical selection but we do understand the beauty of songs. We cannot avoid it and we cannot disclaim that music has an impact on human’s behavior, mood and attitudes. Music can affect us in ways
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So, the second question of the chart would be: How does music affect consumer behavior? It is a simple fact that most music of today is composed, distributed, sold and bought, performed and listened to for some commercial purposes. One of the main purposes is selling. Nowadays the main concept of this modern world is to make more money, as everybody knows; customers are the main source of the companies’ income, whether you make products, goods or service. Moreover, managers and marketers try to attract more consumers by using different tricks. One of them is to influence customers’ behavior by music and sounds. First of all, on an average day, the average person watches an hour and a half of the commercial television stations, of which fifteen minutes will be made up solely of advertisements. Approximately half of all advertisements will have music (Fellows, 1998, para.1). Good music can contribute to the effectiveness of an advertisement by making it more attractive. A good music engages the attention of an audience, evoke emotions and sometimes make audience to dance and sing. Music plays an important role in marketing business, by appealing customers through their emotions, as it was mentioned before. In this case, music should send messages about products’ brand name, shape, and even taste etc. For example, according to Michael Morrison (2009),
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