The Influence of Roman Architecture to Modern Society According to Napoleon Bonaparte, “The story

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The Influence of Roman Architecture to Modern Society

According to Napoleon Bonaparte, “The story of the world is the story of Rome”. Ancient Roman contributions in the modern word can still be seen in today’s civilization. The formation of the Roman constitution is greatly influenced and highly regarded by many countries like the United States of America. Christianity is also originated in Rome and spread through one continent to another. Most importantly, Romans influence in arts such as painting, mosaics, sculptures, and architectures have captivates attention of many people around the globe.

The Romans deeply valued and appreciated the foundation of the Ancient Greek Architects. In fact, Romans absorbed some aesthetic
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The Romans accomplished such feats in construction. Many people would start off by commenting on the Romans invention of cement, waterproof cement and cement pouring techniques. But before those amazing developments came the Roman's superior designs of cranes, piling devices and efficiency and organization of its work force and raw material gathering techniques. Romans construction techniques allow them to build extra-ordinary buildings, coliseum, bridges, roads, amphitheaters, aqueducts, and public baths. The baths and arenas are compliments to the cleverness of Rome’s great builders. The innovation had started in first century B.C. when Romans had developed the use of concrete, a strong and readily available replacement for stone. It has many advantages over traditional stone, for example, there is no more need for quarrying and transporting the concrete, and it also limits the need for highly skilled labor. The concrete was a mixture of lime mortar, sand, water, and stone. Concrete empowered architects to build structures of different sizes whether it is big or small. The concrete can also pour into any shape that will fit the needs for constructions.

The Romans adopted the wood cranes used by the Egyptians and simplified it by making it into a simple "A" frame shape with a pulley on its
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