The Influence of Social Class on Communication

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EXPLAIN THE INFLUENCE OF SOCIAL CLASS ON COMMUNICATION Ways of Determining Social Class The determination of social class is a topic which has been the subject of several studies:- Karl Marx (1818-1883) believed that in all stratified societies, there are two major social groups, a ruling class and a subject class, the bourgeoisies and the proletariat. These relations involve exploitation and domination of one class over another (Haralambos 2000 pg 37) Marx argued that the structure of society was based around ongoing conflict, the more antagonistic the better and he was convinced that Capitalists would collapse under the weight of their own contradiction and would be replaced by Feudalism and Communism. Marxists still believe that we…show more content…
The internet is also a huge communication and information medium widely used by people from all social groups, and is a powerful tool which has opened up advertising on a Global scale The Weberian perspective is that society is multi layered and the approach is different the media cater for different segments socialising information which entertains us along social class lines and targets different groups and products at them The London based advertising agency Young and Rubicam uses a sophisticated system based on cross-cultural lifestyles and aspiration to define the market using Seven Categories ranging from aspirer to reformer covering a broad spectrum of social classes an example of two of these are:- Struggling Poor - dreams of escaping poverty The Aspirer/Dinkies – double income no kids yet, lots of disposable income (The Guardian 21/09/1998) The Newspaper Marketing Agency identifies the different demographic profiles of its readers and this is the Weberian way of looking at it they show lifestyle changes and how each paper targets different readers. The Guardian – 29Aug-02Oct 2005 Circulation of 404,187 daily, this paper is only viable due to advertisers revenue as certain economic groups read
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