The Influence of T.S Eliot Through his Poetry Essay

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T.S. Eliot was a modern poet that was globally renowned for his contributions to poetry and the way that he envisioned society and managed to communicate those opinions through language. He had influenced many post modernists as well as fellow poets because of his indifference in the way that poetry had been set to be. He used language to develop patters in order to show how they can make sense as a whole once laid out instead of using the diction of the poetry to state ideas. T.S. Eliot had developed these poems every time, and he used his intuitive thinking to create poems that were very complex but could still release very clear ideas and thoughts. T.S. Eliot used many different skills and methods that he implemented into his poems, and this is shown throughout the progress of his life.
T.S. Eliot (1888-1965) grew up in St. Louis up until he was 18. He then attended Harvard University and got his BA. It was there where he began developing his poetic skill. In December 1908, Eliot found a book that had changed his life forever. Eliot found the book “Arthur Symon’s The Symbolistic Movement in Literature” and this book introduced Eliot to the poetic works of Jules Laforgue (T.S. Eliot - Biographical. ). Jules’ work gave Eliot his voice in poetry and literature, and during this time he joined the Harvard Literary Magazine: The Advocate. This helped Eliot develop his poetry into its unique style because Eliot then began writing more and more poetry after…