The Influence of Teacher Self-Efficacy on Technology Integration

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The Influence of Teacher Self-Efficacy on Technology Integration
Rosalba Saavedra, Paul LeBlanc, Georgeanna Adams-Molina, & Shelly Faulkner
Lamar University

Abstract As teachers strive to reinforce 21st century skills in today’s classrooms, successful technology integration has become an area of increasing interest in educational research (Beech, VanOverbeke, & Bonnstetter, 2009; Carter, 2008).While external first-order barriers such as availability of computers and access to the Internet are no longer common obstacles as compared to previous decades, internal second-order barriers including teacher anxiety and teacher self-efficacy still present a major area of concern for successful technology integration in the
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Greer (2008) believed successful implementation of technology provided students competitive advantages regarding academic performance and also provided teachers with opportunities to create prescriptive and engaging lessons within an interactive educational environment. ChanLin (2007) found classroom instruction integrated with technology, as opposed to more traditional instructional methods, increased overall student achievement. Wellburn (1996) conducted an extensive review of quantitative research studies about educational technology and effects on student achievement. She found that the majority of studies showed technology’s positive impact on student learning, including increased achievement on standardized test. Wellburn concluded “the use of technology as a learning tool can make a measurable difference in student achievement” (p.6).
Statement of Problem
Federal requirements and increased accountability on schools require educators to provide students with technology infused instruction that develops 21st century scholastic skills (Wiley, Mathis, & Garcia. 2005). Even though technology has been identified as an effective way to enhance educational opportunities for students (Beech et al., 2009), teachers are not integrating technology into instruction (Bauer & Kenton, 2005). Uncertainty exists among teachers when trying to leverage new technology related teaching tools
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