The Influence of Teachers and Learners Relationship on Academic Performance

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Students’ achievement in any teaching and learning situation is very important. Unfortunately, students’ performance in secondary school has not been very encouraging as consistently highlighted by the moderators and chief Examiners reports and WAEC and NECO business studies results for past decade. This problem of poor performance is apparently assuming a dimension that could affect the entire economy situation in the country. However, effort has been made in this paper to assess the influence of teachers and learners relationship on academic performance, also solutions has also been profered in the paper to revert this appalling situation in the educational sector.

Over the years, divergent views have been
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For a teacher to be effective in his professional calling he should concern himself with the content of the learning task to be achieved and socio- psychological processes which enable the contents to be successfully imparted sensitivity, diagnostic ability, decision-making, and flexibility and action skills are the qualities to be possessed to make a teacher effective. An effective teacher, for example, should be seen not only as an organizer of learning but as someone who is capable of contributing to the overall development of the learners and through this process, he contributes to the development of the society. Nevertheless, it is an acceptable thinking of the society that the role of education is to build an independent Nigerian citizen and to build self-reliance in our society. For this aim to be achieved there is need to improve the teaching and learning process, and this can be made possible through effective and efficient relationship between teachers and the learners. However, this study aimed at assessing the influence of the teachers and learners relationship on academic performance and proffer alleviating measures for improving students’ academic performance.

The Role of Motivation in Teaching and Learning Situation
According to Odumah (1996), both students and teacher must be motivated in order to achieve success in scholarship. Unfortunately, however, this fact has not been the concern of the curriculum
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