The Influence of Technology in Human Resource Management

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Information technology, also known as IT, has drastically changed the workplaces of the world in the past 50 years. The field of human resources has historically been limited to a clerical or administrative role in the business arena, dealing mainly with tasks like payroll or attendance. In the modern market, new core HR responsibilities include recruitment and training, oversight of legal and regulatory compliance, benefits administration and the safeguarding of confidential employee information, along with many more. These tasks cannot be carried out effectively without the use of high-tech tools. Advances in technology have not only made the handling of basic administrative tasks more efficient, they have expanded the role of HR and…show more content…
The advantages of these forms of training include convenience and the ability to control the pace of the instruction. The use of this medium, however, should mainly be limited to teaching the basic concepts and skills needed for the job, with more in-depth classic training for more specific skills or needs (Smith and Mazin 69). “Communication is the key to any change” (Rudnick, 45). In any business, effective communication between employees, managers, and customers is not just a nice perquisite, it is vital to the success (or failure) of the organization. The era of paper memos, faxes, and “regular” mail is on its way out the door. Email has rapidly become the most widely used form of communication in the business world. Instant messaging, internal databases, and bulletin boards are also well used to communicate with suppliers, employees, and customers alike (Laudon and Laudon, 191). The explosion of cellular phone and smartphone usage has also transformed the way organizations do business. Many organizations are allowing employees to work more hours from home, conducting business over the internet and phone. Hours are more flexible, and it is no longer necessary for a physical presence in the office for a large portion of the work. Communications with customers are also altered. The Internet has opened a vast new market to many businesses. A webpage has the potential to introduce the company to
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