The Influence of Technology on American Families Essay

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When there are more television sets than members of a household under one roof, it is obvious that technology and media has greatly effected the contemporary American family. There are many forces and pressures that help to shape the American family that we all see, as well as, are a part of today. Technology and media has brought us very far as a country, but has also inflicted upon norms of yesterday. Technology is growing now just as fast as ever before and families are constantly changing because of it. Every age has its own new invention. New and exciting things started happening long ago. Progressions that got America to where it is today are tremendous. Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb in the late 1800's. The Wright…show more content…
In any event, most 16 year olds will get a car and it will effect that family. Before children are old enough to drive, parents have to take them everywhere. When people are as busy as they are today, time in the car is some extra time you have to bond with your family. Parents drive their children to school and sporting events, pick them up from practice, take them to the doctor, and even to their friend's house. When the child can do that on their own, there is just that much less time spent together. I believe there is a set time when this "bonding" will stop. I can remember when I got my car on my 16th birthday. It was right after my birthday and I had just started my first real job. I didn't have a car before that, but on my first day of work I came home to the Dodge Neon sitting in my driveway. I was so happy to have my own car, but it was expected. I didn't know of any of my friends that didn't have at least something to drive. I wouldn't doubt if my parents, along with others, felt pressured to make sure their child had a car. In today's society, we are judged by materialistic goods. A child can't be accepted at school unless they have a certain poise about them that shows they have enough money to be considered well off. A car is not only needed for transportation today, but also for acceptance. Families feel pressured to have the best, not only the parents cars, but also their child's. Another "musthave" is a television. What is
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