The Influence of Too Much Violence on Children

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In April 2008 at Taylor Elementary, a K-5 school in Hunting Park, a male child held a knife against the throat of a classmate and threatened to “cut off his head if he snitched” (Snyder 1). This student, like many other kindergarten students across the world, is extremely violent. This stems from the student’s violent environment in which he is being raised. Hunting Park, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a neighborhood filled with poverty and most importantly a high violent crime rate. Children who witness domestic and neighborhood violence become more violent themselves because they become less sensitive to violence, accept violence as normal behavior, and are also at risk for severe behavioral and psychological problems.
When people, especially children, witness a recurring amount of violence over an extended period of time, they become less sensitive to violence. One of the largest sources, if not the largest source, for witnessing a recurring amount of violence is the media. Every day 21 kids kill someone or commit suicide, and many more are left permanently disabled or injured. When the general public hears stories similar to this told on the news, it should have an effect on them. They might think about those stories sometime throughout the day, because the stories are horrible things to hear about. The news tells stories involving child/teen violence, or just inhumane acts of violence in general, so often that a viewer doesn’t think twice about it. The loss
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