The Influence of Toys on the Behavior of Children

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Watery eyes, flaring nostrils, flailing limbs, and the temper of a furious bull, your child is having a horrendous tantrum. Even though you’ve taught them morals and positive values, this seems to recurring issue. There is one question all parents must ask themselves, “ What kind of outside influences am I allowing my child to govern themselves with on a daily basis?” These days, boys and girls alike face the incessant impact of society in their social, intellectual, emotional, and behavioral lives. This influence starts at a young age with the toys and games our little tykes surround themselves with. “By avoiding specific toys, you should be able to steer clear of violent behavior that you don’t want to see in your child.” (Halter) Kids are easily influenced by the world around them; from media, to friends, and even toys, kids minds are slowly be molded and shaped for their future ahead. For many parents behavior is a major struggle when it comes to their little ones. It is very hard to ignore a child that is constantly causing a scene wherever he or she goes. This behavioral issue may be a direct result of the playthings your child utilizes for amusement everyday. Toys are said to have many hidden properties that affect a child. For example, weapon, such as guns and knives, are said to encourage violence. Since kids tend to mimic what they see, hostile toys make for a hostile child. To them, through their toys, showing excessive aggression toward a situation is allowed,
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