The Influence of a Company's Leadership and Culture on Its Business Ethics

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Discuss the ways in which a company's leadership and culture influence its business ethics
Definition of Organizational Culture
Organizational culture refers to the values and behaviors essential in the contribution or development of unique social and psychological environment with reference to an organization. This is an indication that organizational culture is inclusive of the expectations, philosophy, values, and experiences that focus on holding an organization together with the aim of enhancing its image and reputation to the outsiders. Organizational culture relates to the attitudes, beliefs, written and unwritten rules, and customs shared by entities of an organization with the aim of developing an effective and efficient approach or image (Free et al, 2007). There various ways through which an organization expresses or demonstrates its culture to the outside entities.
The first approach is through examination of the freedom essential in the decision making, the generation of ideas, and personal expression. The second approach is a demonstration of the commitment of the employees towards the achievement of collective goals and objectives. The third approach in the demonstration of the organizational culture is through illustration of the flow of information and power within the context of various departments. The final approach in understanding of the organizational culture of an organization is through examination of the trends in the execution of business,
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