The Influence of the FLN on De Gaulle and Algeria's Independence

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The Influence of the FLN on De Gaulle and Algeria's Independence

In 1957, French Forces were able to militarily defeat and temporarily subdue FLN. However, to the surprise of the whole world, French President Charles De Gaulle opted for a political solution and announced independence for the Algerians in 1962. To what extent did the activities of FLN influence De Gaulle and what other factors can be identified which led to his surprising decision to grant independence to Algeria?

1. The Algerian War of Independence (1954–62) was a period of guerrilla strikes, maquis fighting, terrorism against civilians on both sides, and riots between the French army and colonists in Algeria and the FLN (Front de Libération
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Nearly one million French and other Europeans (pieds noirs, or black feet) left the country when the French army withdrew.

5. To carryout a study of the activities of FLN and other contributing factors which led to the decision by the French government to give independence to Algeria.

6. The sequence of presentation will be:-
a. PART 1 (1) Geography.
(2) Historical background.
(3) Genesis of FLN.
(4) Activities of FLN / Conduct of War.
b. PART 2. Other Contributing Factors.
(1) Diplomatic Achievements of FLN.
(2) French Weaknesses.
c. Conclusion.

7. Algeria is located in northern Africa with Mediterranean Sea on its north and Tunisia in the northeast , Libya in the east, Niger in the southeast, Mali and Mauritania in the southwest, Morocco and Western Sahara in the west . The country is formally known as the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.

8. The name Algeria is derived from the name of the city of Algiers, which in Arabic al-jazā’ir, translates as the islands, referring to the four islands which lay off the coast until becoming part of the mainland in 1525.

9. About 90% of the Algerians live in the northern, coastal area; although there are about 1.5 million people living in the southern desert most of them in oases.

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