Essay about The Influence of the Media on American Culture

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The media has been a part of the daily life of the American people for the longest time, because of this fact, the media influences the decisions and views of how people should live. One big part of the media that tends to start to develop a sense of how the day-to-day American should live is Disney. Since kids are the main source of Disney’s billion dollar industry children have become an important dimension of the social theory (Giroux 1999: 65). “Within this context, television emerges as a consumer-oriented medium that reflects advertisers’ desire to reach a young, upscale, and primarily White audience” (Goodale1999; Henderson and Baldasty 2003: 100). As a result other races and ethnic groups other than white Americans are often put…show more content…
There is no concrete evidence to prove whites are most favorable however, because whites have been the major source of advertisements it almost proves the statement true. Nonetheless, their only reason is whites are more stable and are more likely to offer the media with more money power than any other group of people in the U.S. “When people of color appeared in ads, they often had peripheral roles, appearing in non-speaking “background” roles” (Henderson and Baldasty 2003:102).

Most white characters held the speaking roles in the commercial as the African-Americans characters were the ones in the restaurant in the background (Henderson and Baldasty 2003: 102). In the Henderson and Baldasty article it states that the ads that whites and people of color relates back to the cost or view of the product being advertised. People of color who are in the primary roles of an advertisement are often related back to products that are less expensive like fast food advertisement. Whites in the other hand with primary roles tend are most likely advertising products most associated with most upscale products like cooking at home or expensive cars (Henderson and Baldasty 2003). The media similarly tends to stereotype the people of color in ads such as athletic shoes commercial that relates to basketball which consist mostly of colored men. The Henderson and Baldasty
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