The Influence of the Modeling Industry on Society

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Everyone is special and unique in their own way. No one can change the way someone looks and acts. So why let the modeling industry change the way someone should look like. People can not let the modeling industry have an affect on them to where they have eating disorders and not feel confident of their own body. More people feel insecure about themselves because society expects them to look like a model. Especially teenagers are targeted in an early age that if the teens are thin and pretty then they will become successful and happy in life like the models in the magazines. If only they knew that models are not so happy as they seem. The fashion industry obsession with thinness leaves the models a high risk of developing anorexia (Hawkes).“Not everything in life is what it seems.” The media is one of the factors that affect how people see themselves (Diantgikis). One advertisement can change the whole self-esteem of one person. The promotion of the thin ideal causes people to have a bringe environment (Hawkes). Many people are dying because they want to have the “perfect” body. Small sizes are preferred better than larger ones. The size zero obsession causes women to undergo eating habits to lose weight (Hawkes). This causes an effect on the health of the person. There are so many teens and women who risk their life just to be accepted. The way theses beautiful young teens and women risk their lives is by eating disorder. There is also a very high percentage of
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