The Influence of the Plague on the Church

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In the wake of the plague, nobleman and religious authority figures struggled to maintain their high place in society as government leaders were unable to find an effective response to the disease, and limiting the allotment of the financial growth of the lower class, preventing them from gaining societal power, as well as increased suspicion concerning the power of the Church. Confusion and suspicion arose among followers of the church when the Church was powerless to stop this devastating diseases supposedly “sent from the heavens” (Petrach 41) . When praying and amending their sins didn’t cure themselves or their loved ones of the frightening disease, people believed that God had abandoned them, shown in these quotes taken directly from the journal of an Italian citizen who contracted the disease. “…and nowhere is there a refuge. No haven beckons in any part of the globe, nor can any hope of longed for salvation be seen. Wherever I turn my frightened eyes, their gaze is troubled by continual funerals: the churches groan encumbered with biers…”(Petrach 27-31). “… it is the wrath of God… the harsh assault of the stars in their perpetually changing conjunctions. This plague-bearing year has borne down on humankind and threatens a tearful slaughter, and the highly charged air encourages death. From his diseased heavenly pole, he looks down, and from there he rains upon the earth diseases and grievous mortality…” (Petrach 34-39). When high ranking church officials, such as
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