The Influence of the Treaty of Versailles on the Outbreak of World War II

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The Treaty of Versailles was made to keep Germany from stirring up commotion again by starting another war. It was signed at the end of WWI, which the Germans had lost, and therefore they were forced to sign the treaty, which took away their colonies, sectioned their land, made them pay for other countries military costs, and forced them to take the blame for the war. Germany’s bitterness left them isolated from the rest of Europe. Their economy and government were in trouble due to the treaty and this made the country unstable. As well as strained relationships with other countries and within Germany, the Germans’ anger left them open to be influenced. This was how Hitler was able take control so quickly. Overall, the treaty left Germany angry, weakened, and vulnerable, which ultimately led to the Second World War. The Treaty of Versailles caused much resentment and anger in Germany. Many people felt betrayed by the government at the time and this caused unrest as well as revolts. The Germans found that the treaty was unfair towards the country. It had been an imposed treaty, and the country was forced to sign it under threat from major European powers. Many felt that they had even been tricked into signing it, and thought that they were just accepting Wilson’s 14 Points. In fact, they had not…
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