The Influence that Issey Miyake´s Japanese Heritage Hand on his Designs

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Discuss the influence that Issey Miyake’s Japanese heritage had on his designs.
1971 Miyake’s intentions where To discover the traditional beauty of a Japan which is disappearing; to emphasise the importance of industrially produced clothes by using synthetic materials; to demonstrate the secret beauty of Japanese women. I am striving to create clothes which give paramount importance to the movement of the body. Rather than fashion that one puts on, I want to produce fashion that one takes off...for that is where the beauty of man’s primitive spirit is found. (Tokyo Vogue p44)
Even though Miyake gained traditional Western training he wanted to find his own way of making fashion explaining “Western tradition in clothing seemed to me to be too rigid. I wanted to create things that could be free, both mentally and physically” (Marie-Andre Jouve, 1997, p.11). He returned home to Japan, after training under French courtiers and the American designer Geoffrey Beene, to rediscover the aesthetic and rich craft culture of his homeland. His design practice challenged the Western system by referencing his Japanese heritage, he always maintained that he does not want to suggest Japanese culture with his clothing but to “be between cultures” (O’Brien, 1993,p.23 as cited in Kawamura, 2004, p.96).
Miyake’s earliest designs were made from sashiko (a form of decorative reinforcement stitching ) quilted…