The Influences Of Personality And Choice On The Placebo

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The Influences of Personality and Choice on the Placebo vs. Nocebo Effects Maria D. Ramirez Loyola University of California, Riverside Abstract A plethora of research concerning the emergence of the placebo effect has been conducted in various domains associated with well-being (e.g. pain analgesia, treatment effectiveness, sleep improvement). However, few experiments focusing on the possible influence that the big five factors of personality - Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (OCEAN) - might have on the emergence of the placebo vs. the nocebo effect in the context of pain analgesia have been conducted. This proposed study aims to breach this gap in the literature by addressing how…show more content…
The identification of the aforementioned personality traits as moderators of the placebo effect is very important in the development of individually tailored treatment regimens that will help improve patient treatment adherence and overall treatment effectiveness (Porto, 2011; Jakšić et al., 2013; Požgain et al., 2014). However, researchers have observed that many of the correlations found between dispositional personalities traits (e.g. optimism, pessimism, acquiescence, and absorption) tend to be inconsistent (Morton et al., 2009; Whalley et al., 2008; Kelley et al., 2009; Geers et al., 2010; Turiano et al., 2012). Not only, has the majority of the research conducted on the placebo phenomenon focused on the positive aspects of the effect (e.g. pain analgesia) with little focus placed on the nocebo effect (i.e. negative symptoms attributed to the presence of a placebo stimuli) but observed inconsistences in the moderating influence of dispositional personality traits has resulted in disagreements between various researchers concerning the existence of a ‘placebo personality’ (Darrgh et al., 2014; Jakšić et al., 2013). This being said, it is vital to identify other, perhaps more consistent, possible moderators (e.g.
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