The Influences Of Software Piracy And Copyrighted Material

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In this report, I have discussed arguments “for” and “against” Software Piracy and Copyrighted Material. The purpose of this report was to inform the audience of the influences of Software Piracy and Copyrighted Material, whilst discussing examples in which this has happened in society today. The main points that are mentioned in this report “for” Software Piracy and Copyrighted Material are Economic Impacts, Demand for Software, The Future of Software whilst the “against” arguments include “Risks for consumers and Ethical and Psychological Impacts” I was able to conclude that Pirating software is something that is still regarded as a crime, regardless of whether it may have positive impacts to it or not, however it also demonstrates the use of ethical/psychological decisions from the pirate.


In this report, I will be talking about 3 key factors “For” and “Against” Software Piracy and Copyrighted Material. Whilst discussing each factor in depth, I will also give my own view on this situation and show evidence of the points that I have been able to collate from my research. The main 3 points that will be mentioned “for” are:

• Economic Impact
• Demand for Software
• The Future of Software

The main 2 points that will be discussed for the “Against” argument of are:

• Risks for the Consumers
• Ethical and Psychological Impact

1. Reasons for Software Piracy and Copyrighted Material:
1.1 Economic Impact
Many economies tend to react in a positive…
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