The Influences On Lifespan Development Essay

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Human development can be defined as growth and change over time that enables an individual to adapt more effectively in their environment (Reference this). The major domains of development include physical, cognitive, emotional and moral. The aim of this paper is to analyse the influences on lifespan development from the time of conception through to 18 years of age. This can be achieved by understanding the domains of development and relating the theories of lifespan development to real life examples. The domains of development that will be discussed through the paper are physical, cognitive, emotional and socio-cultural/moral. The nature and nurture argument will also be discussed throughout the paper to show the biological and environmental influences on the development. Nature refers to the biological factors such as genes that an individual inherits from the parents and these genes define our physical appearance and personality characteristics. Nurture refers to the environmental factors including our experiences from childhood and the surrounding culture. Pre-natal (conception to birth) During this stage there are maternal factors that have an influence on the prenatal development such as infectious diseases, nutrition and emotional stress. According to Steinberg (2010), the mother should be eating twice the amount of nutrients during pregnancy and this decreases the chances of complications during birth and the baby will be healthier. An example of this stage
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