The Influences On Underage Drinking And Hazing

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The Influences On Underage College Drinking And Hazing In the United States, majority of the population of college students participate in the act of underage drinking and hazing. According to "In the United States, over 80% of college students have at least one alcoholic drink over a two week time period (Johnston, O’Malley, Bachman, & Schulenberg, 2009). Of these college students, 40% are binge drinking (i.e., having four or more drinks) on occasion, which greatly surpasses the rate of their non-college peers" Hazing is also proven to be common as CNN reported "Eighty percent of college athletes have been victims of hazing" most occurring due to the effects of alcohol consumption. This trend is popular among the former-high school students, since guardians no longer have the "full" legal authority over their decisions. With them being able to choose for themselves, it has been seen that this youth group is highly influenced by peer pressure, the environment, and low levels of self esteem, which overall lead to high levels of drinking and hazing. Peer Pressure is very common among young college students. At this age new college students want to fit in and to make a cool first impression of themselves, even if it means making poor choices. Many join cliques that share similar interests and friends, and others go to more extremes by joining a fraternity that catches their attention. However, those seeking to join a fraternity group have to put up with tough challenges the presiding members order. Majority of these conditions they need to fulfill before joining, primarily include meeting with high terms of drinking and hazing. With social groups presenting alcohol through a daily routine, they are establishing a norm of bad behaviors to those younger students who are open-minded to new experiences. According to "81.6% of underage drinkers were with two or more people, 13.1% were with one other person, and 5.2% were alone". This percent is high because of the influence peers have on one another. A interview done by provided more proof when they questioned twenty college students about their perspectives on drinking. About all of them said that

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