The Influences of Asia, Africa and the Americas Toward Contemporary Society

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Human World Views The Influences of Asia, Africa and the Americas toward Contemporary Society September 13, 2015 The progression of morality as it relates to the influence of family, religion and society varies between Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Our contemporary society has been influenced tremendously in many different areas by these different societies. Social order in Asia was established by Hammurabi’s Code of Laws. Hammurabi himself was an Amorite king of Babylon, he set these laws to place order in Babylon. Hammurabi’s lex talionus explains that the punishment of a crime should be equal to what crime has been done, these laws are described as “an eye for an eye” and “a tooth for a tooth” (Levack, B., Muir, E., &…show more content…
Similarities between ancient Egypt and now is that the subject of divorce is a private matter, unless one of the two wants to publicize it. As for the America’s in their advanced agriculture system led to modern society’s agriculture as well. This system was put to use by Ancient Peru after hunters were in search to consume foods other than meats. Ancient Peru created the spread of corn, cassava, and potatoes (Adas, 1992), this resulted in the growth population in the Americas, because people who only had access to cassava were able to eat this new thing called corn. This sense of spreading food is similar to how we can get Florida oranges, and Georgia peaches to Delaware, by trade. Lastly, Contemporary society and the Americas both served as a melting pot for existing civilizations. People of many descents migrated to the Americas in search of something new, and today people from other countries migrate to the many states of America to start a new life with new opportunities. Once all the newcomers came and got settled in the Americas, a defined culture had set in as well, which was different from the rest. Today you still hear people refer to our “American culture” across many different areas of life. In comparison to all of the societies mentioned above, each one has contributed to modern American culture in the subjects of literature and art. Egyptians were the first to develop an alphabet through their
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