The Influences of Sor Juana and Julia de Burgos

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The Influences of Sor Juana and Julia de Burgos

Most every human being has encountered a time in their life when he or she has felt suppressed. However, not every person has stood up against the people and forces that have kept them oppressed. It takes a truly extraordinary person to stand up for their self and to take a stand for the greater good of others. According to Clare Booth Luce: “courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount.” The Mexican writer, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz and the Puerto Rican writer, Julia de Burgos, acknowledged the fact that they were suppressed by the male gender. Sor Juana and Julia de Burgos did not simply stop at acknowledging the problem at hand. Rather, these two
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In 1669, Juana entered the convent of Santa Paula where she officially became a nun. The convent provided Sor (sister) Juana with the opportunity to read further and to reflect on her personal life and on society through writing. Besides thorough studying and writing, Sor Juana taught and directed theatrical performances at the Santa Paula’s school for girls (Trueblood 6). As Sor Juana became better known for her writing she corresponded to intellectuals in Spain and in the Spanish colonies of America. By 1689 Sor Juana wrote the plays: “The Trials of a Household” and “The Greater Labyrinth is Love” (“Sor Juana’s Chronology” 2). Even after Sor Juana died on April 17 of 1695, her writings continued to be published. Very well-known, the first edition of Volume III of Sor Juana’s works was published in 1700 (“Sor Juana’s Chronology” 2).

Julia de Burgos faced somewhat more difficult circumstances than did Sor Juana to reach her status as an acclaimed female writer. Referring to Julia de Burgos, Carmen Delgado commented: “a woman of great sensibility, rebellious spirit, and exceptional intelligence, Julia de Burgos no doubt felt imprisoned by circumstances” (“Julia de Burgos” 1). Burgos, the first of thirteen children of Francisco Burgos Hans and Paula Garcia de Burgos, was born in 1914 in the town of Carolina, Puerto Rico (“Julia de Burgos” 1). Unlike Sor Juana, Julia de Burgos’ family did not have the means to allow
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