The Influential Book of the Bible

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Habakkuk 2:14 states, "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord." To many people this statement depicts a picture of what it will be like when Christ comes back to the world, to others its merely a prophecy to when Jesus came in the New Testament. What is so miraculous though is that we, as humans, have had the knowledge of God with us through generations. Even non-Christians who never read the Holy Word gain some knowledge of the glory of the Lord without even realizing it; and that is through secular novels. "The Bible is the model for and subject of more art and thought than those of us who live within its influence, consciously or unconsciously, will ever know" (Robinson NYTimes). The Bible is one of the most influential books of literary devices that even Non-Christians are familiar with it, and we can see this through Non-Christian writers from the Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, Jazz, and Modern Age. The quote, "I cannot believe that a person who has ever known the love of God can relish a secular novel...let me visit your chamber, your parlor, or wherever you keep your books. What is here? Byron, Shakespeare, and a host of triflers and blasphemers of God!?" was once stated by the influential evangelist Charles Finney. Many Christian gospelers throughout time have heatedly turned their backs on secular novels believing that nothing good would come out of Christians reading the pagan works, but what some evangelicals
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