The Information Age And The Concerns Of Privacy

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The Information Age and the Concerns of Privacy Communication is an essential act in the constitution of a society. Throughout history man has felt the necessity to express his emotions, thoughts, accomplishments and deeds. Communication is a fundamental process and the basis of any social organization. It is a human interaction between individuals, through which identities are formed. Communication technologies have changed dramatically in the last quarter-century, bringing in a new concept of communication that lies in the free flow of information and ideas which is interactive and egalitarian, resulting in what has been called the Information Age. The technology has given the facility to its users to share information all around the…show more content…
The right to collect information should be limited to specific government programs concerning national security for the reason that public safety is primary, and all resources to ensure it must be utilized, but only under a valid, legal process since privacy is also a right that has to be respected. As a matter of fact, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure the safety of its citizens. In order to live with tranquility and achieve peace, security is a main point to consider. Living in a place where citizens are not sure of what to expect every day they go out to the streets, drive, take a bus, go to their jobs, schools, leave their children or any kind of activity/ is something that would definitely diminish their life quality. As an illustration the terrorist attack of the United States of America on September 11 must be remembered, where thousands of innocent citizens died, and fear was caused through all the country. There have been other attacks, affecting always innocent citizens, like the bombs in the Boston Marathon, or the murders in schools. Threat to national security will always be present, and for that reason the government must take action into necessary security measures to protect the society the much as possible. As Jean Bethke Elshtain says, “The primary responsibility of government is to provide basic security—ordinary civic peace.”
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