The Information Flow Of E Commerce

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The above figure indicates how the information flow takes place in an e commerce environment from the user in terms of his queries regarding the product catalog, Its attributes like price, description or part number through an interface and also how the selling enterprise 2 can organize its activities of ordering, inventory, sales. finance through efficient use of digital technology. Pros and Cons The general advantages that it has yielded to the businesses can be seen in terms of the enhanced accessibility to reach to the deeper market segments, the regions that are geographically difficult to reach can be easily accessed with the electronic commerce alternative. The e-commerce option serves as an economical means for discharging…show more content…
The most critical issue is that the most of these proposals have a myopic perspective that either focuses on the improvement of quality or the other that prefers solutions that can restrain the mounting expenditure. With respect to the use of IT solutions by the healthcare service providers the recently emerging issues have been identified as under: As the healthcare institutions are adopting the internet and information technology to improve upon the quality of healthcare services in terms of technology solutions like patient portals and electronic medical recording of patient data there are growing ethical concerns pertaining to the privacy of patient’s medical information; issues of safety and security of this data while transferring across multiple channels and information sharing, the management of brand reputation on social media, pertaining to the laws and the regulatory framework as applicable in the region with respect to environment and so on. Evaluation The study conducted by Dhanda & Murphy (2011) provides an empirical finding that supports the use of information technology in the businesses claiming that such a move can help in reducing the big challenge of the
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