The Information Found On Two Reliable Internet Websites

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RELIABILITY: The information found on two reliable Internet websites is a secondary source by a renowned and well-known university, established since 1870 and a prestigious association, The Health Research Funding. In source 1 the pages linking to genetically modified foods is very rich in detail and has more then one contributor, all of which are very highly qualified in their areas of science. Therefore the information obtained is considered reliable. In source 2 the information is clear and detailed yet there is no author for the site, which is a concern on how reliable the site is. The author of source 1, P.Bryne, is an extension agronomy specialist and professor, soil and crop science at the Colorado State University, making this piece more credible. This piece on genetically modified foods is highly reliable as it has a prestigious author and contributors; this research found is credible and reasonable. BIAS: In source 1 the article supports both sides of the issue to a certain extent by outlining “mandatory labeling will allow consumers to identify and steer clear of food products that cause them problems” but also shows the other side of the argument that genetically modified foods shouldn’t be produced “Consumers that want to buy non genetically engineered foods (GE) already have the option to purchase certified organic foods, meaning none of the food is allowed to be produced with GE ingredients”. Source 2 article also talks about the advantages and
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