The Information and Communication Technologies Industry of United Kingdom

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Abstract Over the years the corporate world has realized the fact that in order to remain in the business in an aggressively competitively environment, organizations must ensure that they remain in the process of constant innovation. While this innovation is immensely important for the organization's individual success, it also has great impact on macro environment as well. Introduction The contemporary world has associate itself with mixed economic system that works on public private partnership. While the private sector organizations focus mainly on profit maximization and organizations own interests, the governments has its own macro objectives that focus on economic welfare. These government objectives include positive balance of payment, equal distribution of income and wealth, controlling of inflation and unemployment rates, increasing economic growth, standard of living, literacy rates and controlling population growth. Since in a mixed economic system, there is little direct government control over private sector organizations, the governments focus greatly on implication of private sector business activity on public sector. In order to maintain an overall sustainable competitive edge in the international market, organizations are particular about maintaining consistency in innovation process. One of the most innovative industries that have contributed most to the public sector is the Information and Communication Technologies Industry. The area of

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