The Infringement Of The Copyright Infringement

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1) Does that forwarding email institute for copyright infringement: The copyright in an email is determined by its content. Forwarding emails is generally not considered to be a breach of copyright, but, one should carefully consider the nature of the content of the email and whether it is appropriate to forward it, as other legal issues, such as privacy and confidentiality, also apply. According to Copyright Act, it considers sending emails as an act of communication, although, the issue with emails is that they are easy to copy and forward to my people. Distribution is normally a restricted right of the copyright owner and to do without the permission of the copyright owner would be a breach of copyright (Darrow & Ferrera, 2007). Fair use occupies half of the copyright law and grants limited right to use other’s works, regardless of the approval. The most common remedy for copyright infringement is awarding damages to the copyright owner. 2) Oppose the text-to-speech feature? What markets for your work, if any, might be adversely affected? An audiobook, which is a voice performance of a text by an actor, who is a human being, introduces all the emotional aspects and understate real life signs into the reading to make the story sound alive while being listened (Darrow & Ferrera, 2007). On the other hand, text to speech uses an inhuman computer voice to simply repeat the written text as the imitated spoken word. Thus, reading any book out loud may establish an

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