The Inheritance of Individual Traits: A Reflection

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Discussion Topic Option I: Describe a physical trait you possess that you could potentially pass on to your own children. Using what you learned from the Inheritance of Individual Traits animation, consider the following. Let's pretend you have 4 children, and 2 of the 4 children also possess your characteristic. Meanwhile the other biological parent of your children does not possess the trait. I have blue eyes. Eye color is a trait that is passed on to children from their parents. Blue eye color appears to be recessive. Brown appears to be the dominant eye color for inheritance. According to a video on Genetics and Eye Color (, eye color is controlled by multiple genes and is primarily determined by the amount to melanin that the eye's cells produce. People who have higher amounts of melanin have brown eyes. The less melanin that is deposited in front of the iris, the more blue the eye looks. In my case, I carry the genes for less melanin, so my children are more likely to have lighter colored eyes. Do you think this trait could be dominant or recessive? According to Blinn University's list of dominant and recessive traits (, brown eyes are the dominant trait. Blue, grey, green, and hazel eyes are recessive traits. I wonder, however, whether the brown would be lessened because of my genes. Based upon your response, describe why it would or would not
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