The Initial Person I Interviewed Was My Girlfriend (Sophia).

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The initial person I interviewed was my girlfriend (Sophia). As soon as I got the first question out she had her reply ready and was ready to elaborate; Sophia did feel she fit the general expectations of being a female in our society. She identified herself on the feminine side of the continuum. She said our society tends to use gender and sex interchangeably but maintained that sex was the biological category based on reproductive organs and gender was a social construct. Continuing, she explained that the expectations for females that society holds were for dainty, obedient, caring women, while for men they tend to lean more towards strong, brave, silent. A little more probing revealed she thought this was a pretty big problem: the…show more content…
She claimed to not have experienced tension in her life on her to fit inter her specific gender role, and does not seem to realize or accept this could be an issue for other people. While she was raised, my mom was expected to act a certain way femininely because that is how a conservative family in the eighties had to raise a daughter. When growing up, my mother was expected to act like a young lady and had to dress in accordance of what was expected of her. She believed the toys she was gifted by others were for the female gender, but they were not pushed upon her because she had the option to not play with them. There was no pressure on my mom to act feminine when she was growing up and going through adolescence but rather believed it was and is the right thing to do. The society and the workplace are divided however, but she believes this is because women are striving to be better than men and not attempting to be equals. The traits my mom believes she possesses are mainly feminine with a minimal amount of masculine. I was able to understand the stereotypes and terminology which my mother grew up with and why she has a different definition of both gender and sex than the actual definitions.
The final person I interviewed was my father who is also forty years old. He views himself as a big strong guy, willing to do dirty work, who is the head of the household, and thus fulfills the expectations he

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