The Initial Public Offering Process of Yahoo Corporation

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RUNNING HEAD: Yahoo Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Yahoo Initial Public Offering (IPO)
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The preceding paper analyzes the financial trends of Yahoo Corporation. It discusses in detail, the initial public offering process of Yahoo corporation. The performance of Yahoo stock and the trends in its stock price after the initial public offering are also discussed in detail in this paper.
Yahoo Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Yahoo Corporation is an internet communication and media company. It provides network, every day, services to about two hundred and seventy four million people around the globe. Being a pioneer in the Web navigation, Yahoo is the first choice of many customers in the fields of advertisements, households and businesses. The company headquarters are in Sunnyvale from where it spreads to Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada, USA and Australia. (Press, 1995)
In addition to the services provided by Yahoo Corporation, it has the advantage of being free. The website is sponsored by advertisers who pay Yahoo for the promotion of their products on the website. The advertisers are lured towards Yahoo because of the wide customer base of 2.4 billion entertained by a network of 25 international sites in 13 different languages. This certainly gives Yahoo an edge over its competitors. Moreover, the corporation also gives services of mail, chat and news according to respective geographic areas. (Press, 1995)

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