The Initiative Of The Pathways Programs Essay

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Achieving goals on the roadway to twenty-first century jobs is the initiative of the Pathways Programs. These programs help high school students and adults achieve a college bond high school diploma or equivalent, and technical skills that will build a career and educational pathway. Community Colleges work toward “partnerships with K-12 schools, the private sector, government, higher education and other entities as one cohesive unit,” preparing students for industry occupations and furthering educational opportunities for students. (Campbell, 2012) These benefits go beyond the individual affecting the colleges, communities and workforce needs of local industries. The changing tide in colleges from the traditional 18-24 year old students to the non-traditional student that attends school and works or re-trains for career advancement works well with Pathway Programs. All students should leave high school with a college ready diploma even if they choose a technical or trade career, recognized as one of the goals of the Common Core State Standards. (Campbell, 2012) Pell Grants are available for adults entering the Career Pathways programs making college success easier and the early numbers are showing an upward trend in retention to graduation rates for adult learners in these programs. (Jobs for the Future, n.d.) The integration of Common State Standards and Common Career Technical Core readies students for the workforce and community technical colleges. (Pahlow &
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