The Injustice Of Our Prison System

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The injustice of our prison system In many cases we are forced to believe that the prison system is fair and equal to all, although that may not be the case. The prison system at first glance seems fair and equal but after looking closer you will find many times it’s not fair at all. For example, “an African American male could spend more time in jail for possession of crack than a white man with the same amount of powder cocaine” (Harmon 372). This is just one example of how society has been taken advantage of in the prison system. Some people are subject to years in prison although they should not be while others enjoy life even though they should be in prison. The injustice in the sentencing of prisoners is an ongoing problem in society, as some criminals get of easy for horrible crimes others criminals suffer unfairly all because of color of their skin. The phrase “if you do the crime you pay the time” has been around for years but what does it really mean? If you do a crime should you take whatever sentence the court gives you? This is a question that has ruled the justice system for years but the answer is one that is not so simple. It is taught to us even at a young age that if you do something wrong you should be punished for it. Most of us learned that if we do something wrong we are going to get what we deserve punishment wise. That may be true in many cases but it is not always true in the prison and justice system. Our country’s judicial branch is one to
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