The Injustice of Political Ploys at the Olympic Games

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The Summer and Winter Olympic Games alike provide an opportunity for countries to display their athletic prowess and national strengths. However, these competitions are often tainted with the corrupt seeds of politics. A wide variety of dangerous and damaging political power plays make an appearance in each Olympic gathering. In the beginning the Games were designed to be a truce period, but they are beginning to lose this component. Also, in every Games since the beginning of the modern Olympics, there has been some form of political activity present. Granted, the Olympics can be used to repair international relations through global partnerships; however, this should be the only instance where the Olympics are used as such. Also it is incredibly unjust to rob athletes of their Olympic dream if their team was to boycott the Games. In order to make the Olympics an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the athletes and spectators alike, the Games should be enjoyed from the athletic perspective alone, without coverage of the political action involved. In short, the Olympics are a rich, cultural tradition that should not be corrupted by politics. The modern Olympic Games were originally designed to be a celebration of culture and athleticism on a world stage. Athletes from all reaches of civilization strive to show off their skills and compete for the gold medal. The intent of the Games was not to provide a stage for governments to establish themselves as world powers, nor

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