The Inn on the Green

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Designer stores, cool cafés and traditional bars abound, while Dublin's premier theatres, museums and art galleries are all within easy walking distance”. (Systems, 2014)
We are delighted to announce we were chosen to develop the new HR strategy plan for The Inn on the Green.
“The vision of the hotel is to be the leading in its sector”.
As they have grown rapidly, it is difficult addressing patterns that are now compromising the 5* hotel’s rating.
We have now addressed the main issues:
Difficult in attracting and retaining staff
Communication issues
Dilution of the hotel’s 5* brand
Low customer experience
After analysing the main issues, we have come to the conclusion that the best way to approach the issues is by using the components of High And Low commitment.
The first category is made up of 70 staff, including room service , catering and bar staff. These employees is seen as low commitment within the organization and the reason being is because they are not core employees of the company what means that if the organization get shorten of staff those ones can be replaced easily. This happens because in this category managers are more restrict and it can be seen clearly when looking at the culture, structure, job design, performance, rewards,…

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