The Innate Trait

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Isabella Sedano Garcia Mr. Puccinelli AP Language and Composition, Block 2 01 December 2012 The “Innate” Trait Some may say intelligence is an innate trait, but really intelligence is not innate. Innate means that you are born with it. Intelligence isn’t something that you are born with, as one grows so does your intelligence. If you train your brain in a specific topic it could be math, science, history, etc. you can become more intelligent, but first let’s back track for a bit. Intelligence. We all have heard of this word. Do we really know what intelligence is? One can grab a dictionary, look up intelligence and it will say that intelligence means “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills”, but it also it all…show more content…
He also showed that nothing moved faster than light, and how a tiny amount of matter can make an enormous amount of energy using the equation of E=Mc². He discovered most of this before his thirtieth birthday (Albert Einstein mini-bio). Einstein is a great example of a slow learner doing the best he can to learn the advanced math and physics that got him a successful future. Not only a good future, but because of the information he obtained he grew his intelligence since his first word at age three; Einstein became more intelligent which lend him to become the genius he was. Now we learn from Einstein and see that humans aren’t born intelligent. The information we obtain since we are born makes us be intelligent. Yes people are more intelligent than others, but, as Mr. Clark once told my class, if we train our brain then we can get as intelligent as they are, if not even more than them. Which means intelligence is definitely not innate. Works Cited "Albert Einstein." 2012. The Biography Channel website. Dec 01 2012,
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