The Inner Reflection Of The Living Mind

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Religion is indeed personal because you choose what to do in your life. You, not the state, not even your religious community have to make decisions between what is right or wrong. What you decide will have a social repercussion because you are not alone, but you will have to decide on your own what you wish to represent. Nobody but yourself are responsible for your actions. Human associations initiated by fear (the possibility of everything and anything) together with our instinctive desire for survival caused social religions to sprout, exactly like industrialization emerged from the thoughts of people having to survive in nature. Religion, the inner reflection of the living mind, seems to be social (created in and for the group) while it is mostly a personal relation with the essence of our being; with the value reality making us who we are and what we represent in and as a part of the social whole. Life and the unknown that you try to defined and comprehend through sciences, philosophies, and psychologies is your RELIGION. Religion is the value reality that every human being can perceived and express. It will have a social repercussion because we exchange ideas and ideals regarding what we think and feel, but religion is primarily the living comprehension (material and/or spiritual) of one individual in one’s environment; it could be Africa, America, Australia, or anywhere on Earth. Years ago people did not have internet, face-book, or twitter to communicate with one
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