The Innocent By Fredric Wertham

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Introduction Comic books originated in the 1930s and superhero comics rose to popularity quickly becoming the most prominent comic books within the first decade. The most popular original superhero comics included Superman, Batman, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman. Superman was originally published in 1938 and is considered to be the first of its kind, the super-powered protagonist, beginning the heroic genre. These comics grew to such popularity so quickly that almost immediately they became adapted into shows and films. Superman paved the way for numerous comic books to be adapted into movies and television shows. After World War II, the popularity of the comics declined. The two reasons for the decline in…show more content…
The Hearings that focused on comic books specifically were in order to prove that people like Wertham were correct – and could also testify – their argument that comic books cause harm. The hearings took place in New York where they would discuss horror comics and other comics in “bad taste” that could only further its impact on youths becoming delinquents (Coville). Both situations caused comic book distributors to take the stories off of the racks consequently leading to a serious decline in sales and popularity. Superheroes have been created within a completely different dimension of our own, thus creating its own form of language and allowing the fans to exist within two dimensions at the same time. The lack of popularity led the books to be uncommon which led to quite a stereotype: only nerds read superhero comics. This stereotype impacted the language used within and about this community. Originally, it was considered normal for people to converse about superheroes but, after the popularity died down, it became nerdy for people to talk about and eventually they developed their own conversation and own use of vocabulary that became unknown to people outside of the community. Comic Con and Reddit are both forums that allow participants to enact different identities by using different languages, behaviors, and ways of dressing and appearing. Many outside of these forums will not understand the meanings behind their language or why they would dress
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