The Innocent Little Wild - Original Writing

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The innocent little human nervously fiddled with a piece of her long hair. She blushed until her face was bright scarlet. Scenting her arousal did things to him. The feelings her scent provoked were difficult to control. He craved the pleasure of tasting her. Once her honey was on his tongue, it only made him want more. It pleased him greatly to see her beautiful body writhing beneath him. To give a woman such intense pleasure, was the mark of a truly superior lover. She was lucky to be with him tonight. He slid a finger into her soft body, and immediately realized something was not right. She was extremely tight. He probed deeper. Gods of chaos, she was a virgin. He jerked back, and was out of the bed at something approximating the speed of light. Then he flew from the room, before he could be tempted further. He went to his throne room, hoping to get lost in the crowd. There were easily a hundred goblins in the room. Maliki stalked over to his throne. Instead of sitting, he walked into a dimly lit area behind his throne, and began to pace. Back and forth he walked, as he tried to get his head straight. Maliki could still taste the beautiful woman on his lips. It was distracting him greatly. All he could think of was running back to her. He shook his head as if to free himself from thoughts of her pale face. Of all the bad luck to befall him, why did it have to be this? The Goblins were precluded by their centuries old treaties with the humans,
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