The Innovation Of Innovation Management

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INNOVATION MANAGEMENT Innovation management is how to manage the innovation processes. It basically points to both product and organizational innovation. It comprises of bunch of tool that allow managers and engineers to co-operate with the common intelligence of processes and goals which means innovation has always required those with different skills and expertise to come together and co-operate. ABSTRACT: Apple is a multinational organization that makes and offers purchaser gadgets, machine virtual products and Pcs in 363 stores around the world, with worldwide deals about US$16 billion. The company’s well-known items like iPod, iphone, ipad are fundamentally perceived as wellspring of competitive edge because of high brand mindfulness identified with these items.(sig fig. 2010) 1. INCREMENTAL INNOVATION: IT means improving the product which has been manufactured with new characters and features that means do better. For example, due to disadvantages in features and characters in iphone4 on customer’s dissatisfaction, iphone5 was launched in market by overcoming the negative factors and meeting the customers’ needs. 2. RADICAL INNOVATION: this innovation focuses on doing something different. For example Apple launched Mac book which replaced Pc and had all features like it was one of the amazing innovations in the real world. 4P FRAMEWORK EXAMPLE MODES OF INNOVATION: 1. PRODUCT INNOVATION: It considers on changes in the things such as products and
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