The Innovation Of War : War

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The Innovation of War
War is an unforgettable event in our history, but through them, they can create some great opportunities to better the future. There have been some remarkable inventions as a byproduct of war, and that has in turn revolutionized our way of life in communication, transportation, and medicine. Many of your everyday items were develop during a time of war, mainly because war has always been an accelerator for technological advancements. It brings the research phase to the utilization phase of production to happen quicker. Most of the things we take for granted today have come from top military research developments; that at the time, were war-winning technologies, such as plastic and nylon. These materials were use in
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Some of those innovations were soon transition into the civilian sector to become one of the best all-terrain vehicles in US, the Jeep.
In WWII, the Jeep was and still to this day is a true work horse and decorative war hero machine. The Jeep was a lightweight, 60 horsepower, and four-wheel drive vehicle with the max speed of 65 miles per hour. After grueling tests, the Army fell in love with the vehicle. Soldiers shorted the name of General Purpose to GP or Jeep. The Jeep name stuck but the vehicle rarely did. The vehicle helped the Army go mechanized to where ever the enemy was. The Jeep had many purposes such as reconnaissance vehicle, assault vehicle, cargo and even medical evacuation vehicles. The Jeep became a symbol of WWII. General Eisenhower said at the end of the war, “there were three weapons that were decisive to victory, and the Jeep was one of them”.
Just like in every war, there are some down falls. A country’s natural resource is amongst its greatest asset. The United States is bless with a great quantity of reserves, such as steel and petroleum. The United States, at the beginning part of WWII, caught off guard by one resource shortage that without we could not win the war. Rubber was one of the strategic materials in WWII that made it the first mechanize mobile war ever. After Pearl Harbor, the Japanese capture Singapore, which was the United Sates number one ally for natural rubber. The loss of Singapore brought the Nation to its first real
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