The Innovations, Values And Strategies Of Coca-Cola

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Coca Cola is bestselling soft drink in the world. It has introduces various product like sports drink, water, juices, sparkling beverages and energy drinks. It has gone through several innovations from products to packaging. In May 1886 Coca Cola was invented by Dr. John Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia, registered trademark in US as Coke since 1944. Company sells its product at gas station, supermarket, vending machines and at most fast food restaurants like Mc Donald and Subway. Its widely availability has made its customer’s first choice leading to brand loyalty.
Coca Cola has differentiated its product and services that are valued by its customer. Its product are based on customer’s preferences, with affordable price and made easily accessible.
It has continuously adopted differentiate strategy to differentiate and introduces various product variation to keep itself best brand and customers choices from its competitor mainly Pepsi company. It has partnered with various vendors and company to continue on innovation and customize its product packing.
Its latest innovation for new
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A company must be in tune with what consumers want. Consumers get bored, and often want new products. In order to meet the wants and needs of customers a company must introduce new products or services (Bateman &Snell, 2003). Coca-Cola, in an effort to meet customer's needs, created C2 which is a low carb soft drink. This was in response to the low carb diets and the demands of consumers. They also intend to launch a new soft drink called Coca-Cola Zero. This is a zero calorie soft drink. Knowing the importance of innovation the Coca-Cola Company has always strived to create new products. They already have Coke with Lime, Lemon, Vanilla and Cherry. Raspberry will be the new flavor added to Coke coming soon. They also have plans to sweeten Diet Coke with Splenda, a sugar substitute that is safe for

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