The Innovative Instagram

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Marketing Technology Analysis

Overview of the Product/Service/Technology
Instagram is a program that designed for social networking and photo sharing, which was launched in 10th 2010. Till April 2012, there were over 30 million registered users on instagram (Galle, 2012).
In early 2012, Facebook bought instagram for one billion dollars, which has made Instagram a hot topic. What’s more, famous B2C brands such as Starbucks and MTV dominant on Instagram currently, and 25% of the brands are posting photos on instagram at least once every week (Galle, 2012).
This service facilitates the users to take photos by the built-in camera or upload from their computers, and applying a digital filter to them, which provides professional editing
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According to the chart (see figure 3 below) provided by instagram’s main website, an increasing number of companies are finding the convenience and effectiveness in using Instagram to generate interaction with users, create popularity and publicity, and also constructing their content-based marketing strategies. It provides enough spotlights for all the emerging products, and presents them on the center stage appealing to the prospective audiences (Muyabayashi, 2012,April 5).
Figure 3: The number of Instagram Uploads and Users

What’s more, using instagram can reduce the financial cost as saving all the printing or postage charges. The Internet provides global access to all customers, and ease of all the content distribution (Dann & Dann, 2011).
Lastly, as most people are using this social networking service to post pictures and follow the posts of others, this provides enough sufficient evidence and reasoning for concentrating marketing efforts (Kirk, 2012).

Sharing the photos in this artistic and inventive way can be beneficial for visually presenting the product. In the photo’s description, highlight the key word, craft a theme, tag the brand, or link up with other widely held hash tags could be extremely useful.
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