The Inquiry Pcess

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Application: Reflective Essay - The Inquiry Process
David Grassie

EDUC-6733S-1 Action Research for Educators

February 20, 2011
Jennifer Stokke

Throughout my short time here at Walden, I have taken so much from each of my courses in my journey as a Master’s candidate in Science Education. I have learned so much about reforming and editing my teaching philosophy and practice in my quest to become a more effective administrator. I cherish this last assignment, because in my mind it is such a celebratory time, that recognizes the effort and the work that went into the past seven weeks – and also really reflecting on what has transpired in my thought processes.
The Inquiry Process
I find it fitting that I end
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I have also learned quite a bit through collaboration via weblogs that are directly related to my own specific plan – which uses the technology of a Student Response System to enhance my teaching.
May’s action plan inspired me to reach out with teachers in my professional learning community, and really engage in “teacher talk” about our shared students. Too many times, we as teachers, use this time to just display our anger or dismay with our pupils – but I learned from the study to actually try to discuss reasons or thoughts on why our children behaved and performed the way they did. I have noticed that since we started talking positively, and educationally about our children, that our team is much more cohesive and working more together to address our students’ needs. I have also tried to work with children in my classroom that I am normally combating with, and bring them closer into the class room by making them more active citizens. By giving specific tasks or duties within the class – I see that they are buying into the program, and this has helped me foster more meaningful relationships with them that will ultimately produce growth in achievement.
My action plan involves using technology to enhance and spark interest in my teaching. It is a system that affords me instant feedback on content assessment, and gives me the opportunity to

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