The Ins And Outs Of Lloyds Banks Current Social Media Strategy

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For this report I will be looking into the ins and outs of Lloyds banks current social media strategy looking at the way they are using social media and see if their social media is currently connecting to the masses as it should be whilst trying to expand their bank by hopefully using new and innovative way to connect to a new audience in this modern era and if there any holes that can be spotted whilst reviewing their social networking sites.

Introduction to Lloyds Bank
Lloyds Banking Group is best known for its portfolio of financial services brands that features many of the UK’s best-known brands. Together they allow the Group to serve the breadth of financial needs of a diverse range of millions of customers every day. Our portfolio covers banking, insurance, retirement planning and every aspect of financial need for individuals and businesses.

What is Social Media?

Social media is group of online commutation tools made available to the general publics and based on community interaction and sharing of content such as videos, tweets conversations likes, pictures etc. etc. According to Mintel (Mintel 2016) most prominent brands are starting to incorporate the latest going in the social media community such as trends, memes and latest news in the social media to try and connect the younger crowd and allow them to visit their social media platform.
Recent studies have revealed that companies have grown their social media marketing spending and are expected to…

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